Wednesday, 28 January 2015

7dpo - A lines' a line right?

Now before I start this I must confess, that I always test earlier than early.
I tested yesterday at 6dpo, to a stark white test until about 4 hours later when there was an obvious pee stain on it.

Today, FMU I tested again. 10miu tests so the best you can get (almost). I ordered 4 x FRER last night though I doubt they'll be here until tomorrow (at the earliest).

So, I tested. 1 minute into the test I couldn't see anything, it was still developing.
5 minutes into the test, I saw a little something and photographed. I then tweaked the hell out of it.

I definitely see a line.

Here are the photos from 5 minutes into the test, please note the test is still wet so any lines you may / may not see are NOT evaporation ones.

I am waiting on dip sticks later today, which I may try.
It makes sense though, 2 days ago I had that bad cramp pain.

* 2 days ago ''Bad cramping'' Implantation?
* Last night IB?
* Backache
* Tiredness
* Increased white CM (Usually dry at this stage).

Will keep you updated.


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

6dpo......... Blurgh!

Well, 6 dpo today.

Temp dropped as I expected today. It was so high. It's still above the cover line.
Yesterday (5dpo) I had some horrendous pains. Some friends have discussed the possibility of implantation, however I believe it's too early for that - plus my temperature didn't drop.

Trying to stay positive. I really want to test at 8dpo. I only have an 11 day LP.
Still waiting on 100 tests to come from eBay. Mostly strips but a few midstreams too. All 10miu/l sensitive.

My 6dpo chart.

OPK's still very light, these are clearly picking up only LH at this stage. It's all I have in the house though (besides a CB digital with conception indicator, so I have to feed my addiction somehow).

Also, it's worth doing maths when buying tests. ;)

~ Miss406

Monday, 26 January 2015

5dpo - time is definitely dragging...

5dpo today.

Had troubles falling asleep last night.
Did an OPK for fun last night, of course at this early stage it's only picking up LH and not HCG but nearer my testing date it may be picking up HCG.

Had a fab weekend, despite a few hick ups. Trying to avoid stress wherever I can.

Having a lot of double sided cramps and AF-type cramps.
Temperature has rose again today to 37+ so I am expecting it to fall tomorrow. :(

Nothing else to report, over and out.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

3dpo - It's dragging as always!

Officially 3dpo, FF have given me cross hairs - woo hoo!
Temp has fallen today however yesterdays temperature was high!

Last night I had a few dull cramp pains in my left ovary - and this morning it's in my right ovary.
The last time I had double sided pains like this I conceived - with twins.

I broached the subject of having twins to my Fiancé last night and he isn't bothered, singleton, twins, triplets or quads, he just wants babies with me! ;)

Feeling tired, but otherwise well in myself.

Can't wait to find out if my eggo is preggo! :)

Keep well

~ Miss406

Friday, 23 January 2015


Hello followers :)

Nothing much to report here, apart from I was up at 4am and my baby has just cut his first tooth.
Being up at 4am (until gone 6:30am) my 7am temperature wouldn't have been correct.
So with 4 hours sleep + I went with my temperature at 4am and adjusted it online via a BBT adjuster.

My temperature has soared. I definitely ovulated.

Still feeling very emotional, close to tears in fact. It could be lack of sleep due to the baby teething. I was tearful yesterday watching youtube videos of live pregnancy tests. I've never had a problem before.
Feeling quite down and depressed at the moment, not sure why. I have started my own youtube channel, I will review pregnancy tests and give as much information as I possibly can.

Nothing else to report as of yet. I'm hoping tomorrow at 3dpo FF gives me crosshairs.

~ Miss406

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Officially 1dpo

After 3 days of positives OPK's I am finally happy in that I am 1dpo.
Yesterday FF claimed I was 1dpo, although my temperature stayed exactly the same - AND it only gave me one line (the line confirming ovulation). I believe it didn't give me a temperature cover line because too few pre-ovulation temperatures were recorded. I was trying to take a month off any TTC things.

Anyway, 1dpo today.
Feeling incredibly emotional. Just been watching youtube for live pregnancy tests again and my goodness, I just feel so tearful.
My baby is asleep, we went out for a walk and on our return home he was about to nod off in his pushchair so I left him there and he's fast asleep.

My surge lasted a long time.

Another positive CD16 evening.

No other real updates from me.

~ Miss406

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

CD15 ~ The surge is strong!

Maybe there is truth in a Miscarriage can make you more fertile.
Usually after my positive the surge quickly passes and they are very negative results. However, this time I am having VERY close to positives a good 18 hours after.

You should never use FMU whilst using an IC OPK. You only use FMU with digital OPKs such as the clearblues.

My IC OPK's were negative this morning, FMU.
However, an hour or so later and they are near positive. Even now, it's 4pm and it's still very very close to being positive. Usually I would be getting negatives now.

Being a self confessed POAS addict I am using 3 different OPK's. The midstream and cassette look negative for sure, but the strip - well it's extremely close.
My Fiancé is back this evening just before 6pm and since these tests were taken at 3pm, well - it's only 3 hours later and I will have another fresh load of sperm inside me.

Not trying to brag, but my Fiancé is able to ejaculate, stay hard and ejaculate again - and not just a tiny amount. It's amazing. Whilst I had just stopped bleeding we did BD (though not at my fertile time), then I helped him off - and my goodness, I was expecting a dribble! I was wrong.

I was going to class today as 1dpo, especially with the temperature rise on FF, however I think tomorrow will be 1dpo for me. Here are 3pm CD15's tests:

IF I don't fall pregnant this month, I am hoping it happens next month because I would be testing just before my 30th birthday and that would be an amazing Birthday present, the BFP.
We obviously both hope that this is our month, but if not - I'm up for a 30th birthday BFP.

Looking forward to BD tonight, we're also picking up our new car tonight too. If you're new to following my blogs, my Mother in law (to be) was involved in a serious car accident, 3 days after my miscarriage. I miscarried 6th January and on Friday 9th she was involved in a car accident. She borrows my Fiancés car to get to work, since he works in London and commutes via the train.
We have today heard back from the insurance company and our car is a write off. Both air bags deployed as well as the 'crumple zones' in todays car giving way to take the impact of the accident.

So, as well as BD we are collecting our new car this evening, exciting times - heated seats in this weather are very very welcome. :)

Keep well, keep the faith and keep BD'ing - that's my motto for today.

~ Miss406

Monday, 19 January 2015

CD 14

Well I must say, after having used the Clearblue Digital dual hormone Ovulation Prediction Kit I am a little disappointed with todays result with FMU. It picks up your most fertile days, giving you 4+ days of knowing you're in your fertile window - allowing you to BD knowing there is a chance, albeit not a great chance - there's still a chance.

I tested yesterday to a negative O.
This mornings, again, negative. O. However, looking at the test stick I have had HIGH readings with lesser lines that showed. With that line that showed I am quite surprised it didn't peak.

This mornings IC OPK was also negative, very much so.

I decided 'what the hell' and tested again today at 4pm, with an IC strip. This looks almost positive.
I tested again at 6pm with another IC strip and also a IC cassette. The cassette looks positive. The IC strip, - nearly!

On this photo below you can see this mornings CB digital OPK, the second line is prominent.
The top green one is yesterday PM. The middle green one is this mornings FMU. The bottom green one is today at 4pm.

This is the 6pm tests.

I will be testing again before bed time. We have already BD twice since he got in at 4pm.

I'm thinking it will get much darker but quite annoyed the CB gave me a negative result, especially as mentioned it has given me a peak with lesser lines.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

CD12 ~ Approaching ovulation?

I haven't tempted once this cycle. I'm trying not to stress, however probably will temp from tomorrow onwards. Based on my last cycles I could ovulate between CD15-CD18.
I haven't even been using my OPK's, however I will probably start soon, in case I do ovulate.
With very early miscarriages, it is more likely to not disrupt my ovulation.

I have made a picture for ALL my lovely friends I have made along the way, from that bitchy forum to my Facebook TTC groups.
I wish every single one of my TTC friends all the baby dust one could imagine.

Fingers crossed that this month the Clearblue Digital says 'Pregnant 1-2', though I'd settle for any one of the 'Pregnant' results, 2-3, or even a 3+ lol. I've had twins before, and when my period was due it said 3+, so who knows. I know my chances of having twins is slightly higher than anyone now that I've had one set.

I'm really hoping that there is truth in 'fertility is high in those who had just miscarried'. I've found a lot of stories online in which people have miscarried then fallen pregnant the month after the loss.

Whenever it happens I'll be waiting, with all the pee sticks you can imagine. I will however try to hold of testing too early this time, 4-6 dpo is too early, way too early. I'm going to test at 10dpo. I have an 11 day LP so this is technically the day before my AF. Fingers crossed for us all, we're all in this together.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me. Not only do I run this blog, but as said in the previous post I do have my own TTC and Pregnancy Forum, and I run the Pee on a stick party page on Facebook. I run HPT and OPK experiments, and post as many questions as one might have. If you wish to remain anonymous, then message me and I will share your photo on your behalf.

I learned many years ago on forums that anyone can save your picture and share it as their own, so with all my photographs I now watermark them.

~ Miss406

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Welcome to my blog :)

Hello :)

I have decided to make this blog because I would rather keep my personal information in one place than on multiple forums.
I am currently on Cycle 5 after having my 7th miscarriage last cycle.
It started off with several faint positives, which didn't really progress much.
Finally, two days late the bleeding started.
I am currently on CD9 and still bleeding.

I have 6 beautiful earth angels and I now have 7 angels in Heaven.