Friday, 23 January 2015


Hello followers :)

Nothing much to report here, apart from I was up at 4am and my baby has just cut his first tooth.
Being up at 4am (until gone 6:30am) my 7am temperature wouldn't have been correct.
So with 4 hours sleep + I went with my temperature at 4am and adjusted it online via a BBT adjuster.

My temperature has soared. I definitely ovulated.

Still feeling very emotional, close to tears in fact. It could be lack of sleep due to the baby teething. I was tearful yesterday watching youtube videos of live pregnancy tests. I've never had a problem before.
Feeling quite down and depressed at the moment, not sure why. I have started my own youtube channel, I will review pregnancy tests and give as much information as I possibly can.

Nothing else to report as of yet. I'm hoping tomorrow at 3dpo FF gives me crosshairs.

~ Miss406

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