Tuesday, 27 January 2015

6dpo......... Blurgh!

Well, 6 dpo today.

Temp dropped as I expected today. It was so high. It's still above the cover line.
Yesterday (5dpo) I had some horrendous pains. Some friends have discussed the possibility of implantation, however I believe it's too early for that - plus my temperature didn't drop.

Trying to stay positive. I really want to test at 8dpo. I only have an 11 day LP.
Still waiting on 100 tests to come from eBay. Mostly strips but a few midstreams too. All 10miu/l sensitive.

My 6dpo chart.

OPK's still very light, these are clearly picking up only LH at this stage. It's all I have in the house though (besides a CB digital with conception indicator, so I have to feed my addiction somehow).

Also, it's worth doing maths when buying tests. ;)

~ Miss406

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