Wednesday, 28 January 2015

7dpo - A lines' a line right?

Now before I start this I must confess, that I always test earlier than early.
I tested yesterday at 6dpo, to a stark white test until about 4 hours later when there was an obvious pee stain on it.

Today, FMU I tested again. 10miu tests so the best you can get (almost). I ordered 4 x FRER last night though I doubt they'll be here until tomorrow (at the earliest).

So, I tested. 1 minute into the test I couldn't see anything, it was still developing.
5 minutes into the test, I saw a little something and photographed. I then tweaked the hell out of it.

I definitely see a line.

Here are the photos from 5 minutes into the test, please note the test is still wet so any lines you may / may not see are NOT evaporation ones.

I am waiting on dip sticks later today, which I may try.
It makes sense though, 2 days ago I had that bad cramp pain.

* 2 days ago ''Bad cramping'' Implantation?
* Last night IB?
* Backache
* Tiredness
* Increased white CM (Usually dry at this stage).

Will keep you updated.


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