Monday, 19 January 2015

CD 14

Well I must say, after having used the Clearblue Digital dual hormone Ovulation Prediction Kit I am a little disappointed with todays result with FMU. It picks up your most fertile days, giving you 4+ days of knowing you're in your fertile window - allowing you to BD knowing there is a chance, albeit not a great chance - there's still a chance.

I tested yesterday to a negative O.
This mornings, again, negative. O. However, looking at the test stick I have had HIGH readings with lesser lines that showed. With that line that showed I am quite surprised it didn't peak.

This mornings IC OPK was also negative, very much so.

I decided 'what the hell' and tested again today at 4pm, with an IC strip. This looks almost positive.
I tested again at 6pm with another IC strip and also a IC cassette. The cassette looks positive. The IC strip, - nearly!

On this photo below you can see this mornings CB digital OPK, the second line is prominent.
The top green one is yesterday PM. The middle green one is this mornings FMU. The bottom green one is today at 4pm.

This is the 6pm tests.

I will be testing again before bed time. We have already BD twice since he got in at 4pm.

I'm thinking it will get much darker but quite annoyed the CB gave me a negative result, especially as mentioned it has given me a peak with lesser lines.

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