Saturday, 17 January 2015

CD12 ~ Approaching ovulation?

I haven't tempted once this cycle. I'm trying not to stress, however probably will temp from tomorrow onwards. Based on my last cycles I could ovulate between CD15-CD18.
I haven't even been using my OPK's, however I will probably start soon, in case I do ovulate.
With very early miscarriages, it is more likely to not disrupt my ovulation.

I have made a picture for ALL my lovely friends I have made along the way, from that bitchy forum to my Facebook TTC groups.
I wish every single one of my TTC friends all the baby dust one could imagine.

Fingers crossed that this month the Clearblue Digital says 'Pregnant 1-2', though I'd settle for any one of the 'Pregnant' results, 2-3, or even a 3+ lol. I've had twins before, and when my period was due it said 3+, so who knows. I know my chances of having twins is slightly higher than anyone now that I've had one set.

I'm really hoping that there is truth in 'fertility is high in those who had just miscarried'. I've found a lot of stories online in which people have miscarried then fallen pregnant the month after the loss.

Whenever it happens I'll be waiting, with all the pee sticks you can imagine. I will however try to hold of testing too early this time, 4-6 dpo is too early, way too early. I'm going to test at 10dpo. I have an 11 day LP so this is technically the day before my AF. Fingers crossed for us all, we're all in this together.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me. Not only do I run this blog, but as said in the previous post I do have my own TTC and Pregnancy Forum, and I run the Pee on a stick party page on Facebook. I run HPT and OPK experiments, and post as many questions as one might have. If you wish to remain anonymous, then message me and I will share your photo on your behalf.

I learned many years ago on forums that anyone can save your picture and share it as their own, so with all my photographs I now watermark them.

~ Miss406

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