Tuesday, 20 January 2015

CD15 ~ The surge is strong!

Maybe there is truth in a Miscarriage can make you more fertile.
Usually after my positive the surge quickly passes and they are very negative results. However, this time I am having VERY close to positives a good 18 hours after.

You should never use FMU whilst using an IC OPK. You only use FMU with digital OPKs such as the clearblues.

My IC OPK's were negative this morning, FMU.
However, an hour or so later and they are near positive. Even now, it's 4pm and it's still very very close to being positive. Usually I would be getting negatives now.

Being a self confessed POAS addict I am using 3 different OPK's. The midstream and cassette look negative for sure, but the strip - well it's extremely close.
My Fiancé is back this evening just before 6pm and since these tests were taken at 3pm, well - it's only 3 hours later and I will have another fresh load of sperm inside me.

Not trying to brag, but my Fiancé is able to ejaculate, stay hard and ejaculate again - and not just a tiny amount. It's amazing. Whilst I had just stopped bleeding we did BD (though not at my fertile time), then I helped him off - and my goodness, I was expecting a dribble! I was wrong.

I was going to class today as 1dpo, especially with the temperature rise on FF, however I think tomorrow will be 1dpo for me. Here are 3pm CD15's tests:

IF I don't fall pregnant this month, I am hoping it happens next month because I would be testing just before my 30th birthday and that would be an amazing Birthday present, the BFP.
We obviously both hope that this is our month, but if not - I'm up for a 30th birthday BFP.

Looking forward to BD tonight, we're also picking up our new car tonight too. If you're new to following my blogs, my Mother in law (to be) was involved in a serious car accident, 3 days after my miscarriage. I miscarried 6th January and on Friday 9th she was involved in a car accident. She borrows my Fiancés car to get to work, since he works in London and commutes via the train.
We have today heard back from the insurance company and our car is a write off. Both air bags deployed as well as the 'crumple zones' in todays car giving way to take the impact of the accident.

So, as well as BD we are collecting our new car this evening, exciting times - heated seats in this weather are very very welcome. :)

Keep well, keep the faith and keep BD'ing - that's my motto for today.

~ Miss406

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