Thursday, 22 January 2015

Officially 1dpo

After 3 days of positives OPK's I am finally happy in that I am 1dpo.
Yesterday FF claimed I was 1dpo, although my temperature stayed exactly the same - AND it only gave me one line (the line confirming ovulation). I believe it didn't give me a temperature cover line because too few pre-ovulation temperatures were recorded. I was trying to take a month off any TTC things.

Anyway, 1dpo today.
Feeling incredibly emotional. Just been watching youtube for live pregnancy tests again and my goodness, I just feel so tearful.
My baby is asleep, we went out for a walk and on our return home he was about to nod off in his pushchair so I left him there and he's fast asleep.

My surge lasted a long time.

Another positive CD16 evening.

No other real updates from me.

~ Miss406

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