Thursday, 19 February 2015

I think I am about to miscarry :(

Well, I found out on Monday 8th February. Tests were not progressing much and I worried. I went to A and E with pains on my right side.
On Thursday 12th February betas were done, they were 31.
On Saturday 14th February after around 36 hours the betas had fallen to 24.
On Sunday 15th February I had negative tests (IC).
I've tested again on Tuesday 17th - a very faint positive.
Wednesday 18th February, a darker line. I now have symptoms of pregnancy, sickness, heartburn etc, to the point I am awake at 3am with heartburn.

We did BD last night, and my cervix felt painful. It just felt different, like the whole of my inside was perhaps swollen.
Still no cramps or bleeding and I am dreading another missed miscarriage where another D and C is required. :(

I am just about to test again today, FX!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Huge update - I have my BFP!

Well firstly I'd like to apologise. I didn't update this blog past 7dpo.
At 11dpo my AF came.
At CD8 I had ovulation type pains, I thought what? This early? So I used an OPK and tested, it was positive straight away. I thought well that's weird but used an IC HPT ''just in case''.
To my shock, it also came up straight away. I then used my last FRER and saw the line too. I dashed out to the chemist and bought a CB digital with conception indicator. As soon as I dipped the test into my third morning wee I started filming. I describe what's happened and that I've had six children and never had a period and been pregnant and I wasn't expecting it to say 'pregnant'

As soon as the 'pregnant' pops up on the screen, I scream with excitement, then start crying. I am in deep deep shock, but happy (of course).
I have been testing since that point and a little unhappy that for 19-21dpo the lines are not all that clear, I must have had a late implanter.

The ovulation type pains soon calmed down. I have still been testing, here are the tests so far.

These are the first tests I did.

I am still in complete shock. I have booked an early viability scan privately for Tuesday 24th February at 7:30pm. Fingers crossed this is our rainbow baby. I had heard people do fall pregnant straight after miscarriage but that's never happened for any of my miscarriages, besides this one - my last true MP was 6th January 2015 when I bled for 10 days following an early miscarriage.
I hope the scan will be able to date the baby too, just a rough guess would be ideal. I was temping and there are no indications of a later ovulation than the one I'd charted.

Hope all my readers are well.