Saturday, 5 December 2015

7 DPO - I didn't test, but I did temp!

So, last night (in bed just before I fell asleep) I had stomach ache. I don't usually have stomach ache in my two week wait. It was on my right hand side. I did think it was strange.

I have been very gassy all night and perhaps it's just a pure coincidence? However, with these symptoms put into FF, believe it or not, they're both top symptoms at 7DPO, as well as the constipation I've been having.

Top symptoms at 7DPO: Cramps (20.3%), Gassy (11.9%) and Constipation (4.3%)
This cycle has a ''High'' chance of conception, based on our Baby-dancing schedule and Artificial Inseminations.

Here is my BBT chart, as of today - 7DPO. I didn't take my temperature yesterday as I wasn't going to stress about it, however I did decide to temp today to watch it fall for AF, as per usual.

Here is my BBT chart today at 7DPO. You'll notice the missed temperature from yesterday and also notice the temperature has continued to rise.

I have also been alerted to something called an 'Implantation Calculator'. It basically is a chart which you can read. Based on what day your BBT has dipped you can read when your HCG should be high enough to test and get a positive result. It's quite a handy thing to have, however if you're unfortunate enough like me to have a Luteal Phase Defect, it may not be ideal for you. Here's a screenshot of my information, based upon this cycle.
If I have implanted (Also remember, it's possible to implant and not all charts have 'dips') then at 10DPO it should be around 8miu/ml and therefore I should get a faint on a FRER.

Here is a screenshot of the Implantation Calculator. I find this a useful website. However, don't expect it to work well if you have a Luteal Phase Defect. I only have a 10-11 day LP. 

As of now, it's lunch time (well, 11:23am) and I am having more stomach ache, a little more severe than last night. Not sure what's happening at the moment, whether it is just gas or something more interesting and exciting... who knows.

THREE day countdown until LIVE testing. Now that's exciting!

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