Sunday, 6 December 2015

8DPO - BBT Chart progress, FRER!

Okay, so I am 8DPO, according to FF.

Here's how my chart is looking. My temperature has steadily gone up, and I have to admit that by 8DPO usually it's already started to fall. I am trying to remain hopeful. #VeryTrying
Heres my BBT Chart on FF, at 8DPO.
I did test this morning, with a FRER and it was a BFN. At only 8DPO it is still very, very early. In fact I have never had a BFP this early, ever.

I will not test tomorrow but I will be doing the LIVE test now in 2 days time - 10 DPO, 8th December. It's fast approaching!

Keep well everyone - see you on  YouTube on Tuesday!

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