Friday, 4 December 2015

Two week wait, Thermometer Problems & Liars are *always* caught out!

Hi ladies! Sorry I've not been keeping this updated much.

In my defence I have been like, super ill. Sickness bug ill.
Just so happened I ovulated right after the bug too - typical.

We have done 3 AI's though and baby danced twice, so all our bases are and were covered.

Now, I have some really bad news too. I have LOST my usual thermometer. It was a lovely pink one, that read out your temperature in Celsius. I have a blue one that reads out in Fahrenheit. I'm not overly confident it's accurate though and for that reason it's taken until today - 5DPO to have any kind of crosshairs. As of today, 5DPO I will not continue to temp any further this cycle. I am simply not gaining anything by looking and over-analysing this weird FF chart.

I also find it slightly funny that liars and fakes are always found out. It's all fair and well you telling us that you've been diagnosed with a chronic condition, however - don't blog about it being negative!

It's gone 1am in the UK and I am quite emotional tonight, I won't lie. I am missing our babies, and wondering what Jakes' First Christmas would have been like. Just a complete mess at the moment with my emotions and I may well have to go and see a doctor if things don't improve. Sadly, I fear I will be put on Anti-Depressants, of which I want to avoid.

I am still doing regular video blogs (Vlogs) to document our Journey from TTC to hopefully Conception on YouTube. The link for my YouTube Channel can be found here.

Live pregnancy testing at 10DPO will be uploaded to my Channel on the 8th December.
I will be using a FRER and IC (most likely).

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